Help: Character Payments

Billing – Character Payment

From the Character Payment pane, you can purchase new credits and see how much credit (characters) you have left. After the initial credits have been used, you will need to buy additional credits. Each credit costs 15$ and entitles you to generate TTS for 100 000 text characters.

Here is an explanation of each field in the Character Payment pane.

Character Balance

This box shows the number of characters currently available for generating TTS. When you first sign in in Voxabot you have 20,000 text characters that you can use for free. Every time that an audio file is generated, the number of text characters used in the audio file will be deducted to the number of available text characters. After you have used all your text characters, you will have to purchase more credits.

Character Range:

In the character range sliding control, you can choose the number of credits that you want to purchase. Moving the slider to the right will increase the number of credits and moving the slider to the left will decrease them. The total amount in US dollars will be shown below the slider. The character balance will increase automatically after the purchase has been made.

Payment History:
Contains past payments and amounts.

A character payment window
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