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what we do

We connect to the latest TexT to Speech engines and technologies through a unified SSML editor.

We are skilled practitioners in the art of multilingual Text to Speech with thousands of hours of Synthetic speech generation.
We produce Human Voice Over at competitive rates at your direction.

Text To Speech 
SSML Editor

Our universal SSML editor allows you use standard code for making speech.
Our editor connects you to Google, Amazon and Azure--use the same tools we do to make TTS for yourself.
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Voice Over

We can record live human voice over or perform Text To Speech creation according to your directions at highly competitive rates. Our studio partners have a wide selection of available talent in many languages all available at the same rate.
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Text To Speech Producer

We have access to over 468 voices in 127 languages. We use the latest AI technology from the three major platforms: Amazon Polly, Google, and Azure Text-to-Speech. As experienced TTS producers we are able to customize any speech to your needs.
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Pricing and Details

Text To Speech SSML Editor

We provide you with a connector and universal TTS editor that uses Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) to provide a universal markup for any spoken text. Whenever default voice values need to be changed, our visual SSML editor lets you experiment changing breaks, emphasis, pitch and rate, and generates the SSML code and the audio file automatically. With our editor you can generate high quality speech from text using all voices and languages provided by Google, Amazon and Microsoft TTS engines. Leveraging the best of every TTS engine available, we connect you to Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Our editor also allows you to connect your own API credentials instead of using ours.
Pay 15 USD per 100k characters or 10 minutes of speech.
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Text To Speech Production

How we process a Script into TTS and review it

Our two part production process with human review takes into account the differences between written and spoken language. We handle over 100 languages and 400 dialects of the spoken word. Our global team operates with native fluency to ensure that what you hear is accurate in any language. TTS is substantially less expensive than a human voice and always available for booking.

Price start at 50 USD to Book and 5 USD per minute thereafter.

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Voice Over

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Our studio has access to hundreds of real live human voice talents across dozens of languages. As with any project the prices and timeframe vary depending on your requirements. We are able to synchronize the recording to video and also mix in music and other effects. Our studio handles hundreds of multimedia requests per week and can produce anything from full motion video to a short audio track.
Prices range according to options added.
Regular Audio
180 USD to Book, 25 USD per min
Synchronized Audio
200 USD to Book, 30 USD per min