Engineering a better experience with text and speech
a multilingual TTS producer
a universal SSML Editor

Our Vision

We want to standardize the methods for using Text to Speech engines across all major platforms using existing APIs. We also let you bring your own API, use ours, or let us do all the work.

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What we do

We don't develop our own engine or license voices. We connect to the latest engines and technologies through a unified interface. We are also skilled practitioners in the art of multilingual TTS.

See samples of our work.

Voxabot TTS process



Let us do the work

We can generate Speech in any engine with an API*. We deliver TTS Audio quickly using standard tools.

*AWS, Google, Microsoft

Bring Your Own Engine

We have the same editor for all SSML markup. Connect via API to the most advanced commercially available cloud TTS providers.*

SSML Editor+

Review and correct common mistakes using a trainable environment. It's like having a spellchecker for speech.

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